Make Us Alive Again – Dominion Mandate Daily Devotional

Make Us Alive Again – Dominion Mandate Daily Devotional

Dominion Mandate Daily Devotional;MAKE US ALIVE AGAIN.
Isaiah 59:1-21.
Tuesday, March 7, 2017.
Bible in one year: Genesis 32-35.
In as much as God wants to revive us and move supernaturally in our midst, there are things that can hinder revival. There are things we must get rid of in our lives in other to create a landing pad for the move of God. Example of such hindrances are:

1. SELF-(PRIDE) pride manifests when we don’t need God, His word, and His direction.

2. SATISFACTION- when we are no longer hungry for God, we are satisfied with the way things are.

3. PRAYERLESSNESS- when we are not praying to God anymore or when we are busy praying for our needs.

4. SIN- unconfessed sin. When we have made sin a habit, we comfortably live in sin taking God’s grace for granted.

These four things are obstacles to revival. No matter how long we cry and how loud we cry to God to move if we do not take care of these hindrances God will never move not because He doesn’t want to move but because He cannot move.

PRAYER: Heavenly Father, help me to be an instrument for your revival and not an insulator. I repent of everything that has hindered You in my life.

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