Prayer Day 2

Prayer Day 2

Good morning. We began the year in prayers according to divine precept, yesterday we focused on God glorifying Himself, Sanctifying His Name in our lives, family, church, society and nation in addition to prayers of Thanksgiving and atonement.
Today our focus is the second prayer in the order Jesus laid out in Matthew 6:9-13
Apart from Power and Authority, There are three expressions of the kingdom according to Romans 14:7
1. Righteousness. Let the righteousness of God/Christ be revealed in me in 2017. I receive grace to live holy. I am the righteousness of God in Christ. Sin has no dominion or rule over me this year.

2. Peace: Let the peace of The Lord rule in my heart and life this year. Let God reign His peace(Shalom) upon us, families, church and nation this 2017. By the peace of God I subdue every worry, anxiety, fear, doubts in Jesus Name. Amen

3. Joy in the Holy Ghost
the Joy of the Lord is my Strength Nehemiah 8:10
With Joy we draw waters from the wells of salvation Isaiah 12:3
Ask God to anoint you with the oil of gladness this year 2017 so you can have strength and also access divine blessings

Finally pray for our Pastors (Pastor David and Sarah Ogbueli) and also make your request unto God and end with Thanksgiving.

Have a great YEAR.

Pst Shola

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